marcos-with-paintingMarco Antonio García Noguera

Mérida, Venezuela

Marco Antonio was born in 1992 in Mérida, Venezuela. He began drawing as soon as he could grab a crayon. His interest in art grew from caricatures and sketches to charcoal drawings and blossomed into oil pastels, portraiture and painting as a young adolescent. He has studied art in Mérida and in Boulder, Colorado where he has focused on oil, acrylic and watercolor painting and drawing through both workshops and private courses. Most recently he has begun working on sculptures. He currently lives in Mérida and is a student in the School of Engineering at the Universidad de los Andes.

self portraitTo draw, paint and create is essential in my life in which God never ceases to inspire and encourage me in my journey. It gives me everything I need to relax and feel good about myself, it is an exercise that brings joy to my imagination which I then put into practice. It allows me to extend what I see to other people and they in turn give the imagery importance, which encourages me to keep doing it.

Sometimes I feel a special fondness for the human figure and it is in this work I can express different cultures, moods, races, customs, etc. In my view my work is not just a painting or drawing, it is a way of communicating and I am pleased to do so because I find it easy. I consider that my work should be expressed both on the canvas and in the heart.

— Marco Antonio García Noguera

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